Diversion – What you need to know!

Cortney LundellUncategorized


What is diversion?  Diversion is when salon products are sold in “unauthorized” places.  According to this article published by Redken.com, any product sold outside of the salon is considered to be diverted.  These products are considered counterfeit.  They can be discontinued, expired, and diluted.  Also, they are often more expensive than what you would pay in the salon.  Just because these products are sold at a discount store does not mean you’re getting them at a discounted price!

So they’re more expensive, and they can be harmful!  Many people have examined these counterfeit products and found that they contain high amounts of bacteria.  This can cause irritation and even infection.

At Studio K, we want our clients to love the products they use.  We only recommend product if we know it would benefit you and your lifestyle.  Our manager Cortney has gone to local department/drugstores and found products that are expired, discounted, discolored, and missing sku numbers.  Trust us to find products that will keep your hair healthy and maintain the color/cut you received!

For more information, watch this investigative video.