Borboleta Beauty – Eyelash Extensions

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Borboleta Beauty is a locally based eyelash extension company.  Their owner, Kimberly started out as an eyelash extension specialist who was frustrated with the products available to her.  She did a ton of research and finally found a product she liked.  After finding the perfect technique and product, she decided to give back.  Now she trains the best, and makes amazing products!


At Studio K, we use Borboleta Beauty products, and we LOVE them.  Our stylists Mia and Emily are amazing at what they do!  If you’re looking for someone who can give you the lashes you’ve always wanted, call the Studio today.  It’s time for you to have perfectly natural, dramatic, or voluminous lashes.  Whatever your heart desires!


Diversion – What you need to know!

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What is diversion?  Diversion is when salon products are sold in “unauthorized” places.  According to this article published by, any product sold outside of the salon is considered to be diverted.  These products are considered counterfeit.  They can be discontinued, expired, and diluted.  Also, they are often more expensive than what you would pay in the salon.  Just because these products are sold at a discount store does not mean you’re getting them at a discounted price!

So they’re more expensive, and they can be harmful!  Many people have examined these counterfeit products and found that they contain high amounts of bacteria.  This can cause irritation and even infection.

At Studio K, we want our clients to love the products they use.  We only recommend product if we know it would benefit you and your lifestyle.  Our manager Cortney has gone to local department/drugstores and found products that are expired, discounted, discolored, and missing sku numbers.  Trust us to find products that will keep your hair healthy and maintain the color/cut you received!

For more information, watch this investigative video.

Brazilian Blowout

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Studio K is a certified Brazilian Blowout salon.  Brazilian Blowout professional Smoothing Treatments are “the most innovative and effective in the world.”  These products use “breakthrough bonding technologies to create a protective protein layer around the hair shaft.”  This eliminates frizz and smooths the hair cuticle.  Brazilian Blowout Treatments can be expensive, $180+, but the results are magical!  One of the best things about them, is that they are safe for you and your hair.  Below are some before and after pictures and an article on how they compare to other Keratin treatments.  Call 801.224.7222 to book your appt today!

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See why celebrities LOVE them!






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Olaplex is a tried and tested add on service that Studio K on State is proud to offer!  This miracle product helps to maintain and protect the hair you have.  Now is the time for that hair color change you’ve always wanted.  Below are examples of the scientific results of Olaplaex as well as the visual results.  This product is truly incredible and only an additional $20!  Call 801-224-7222 to reserve your appointment today!